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Playwright's Statement

The inspiration to write “A Blink in the Eyes of God” was the ancient wisdom text Bhagavad-gita, which reveals the process of the transmigration of souls. Like so many people, I’m fascinated by metaphysical stories and although the play may seem like familiar ground at first, the rug is pulled out from under audience expectations time and again. 


To me, there's something inherently theatrical about reincarnation. I wanted to write about it because whether you believe in it or not, most people think reincarnation is a fun, fascinating, and entertaining concept. People seem to love stories about the afterlife in general and reincarnation specifically, and this play addresses those ideas in a fresh, inventive way. 


It also addresses identity. Identity is such a big issue for so many people these days. The play takes aim at physical designations such as race, gender, and nationalism by including characters from all over the world and attempting to find harmony in who we are at our essence, beyond all the bodily identifications that too often divide us. 


I'm convinced this play will spark a lot of conversation and word-of-mouth interest because people hold such a wide variety of ideas about spirituality and "what happens next." My contention is that whatever one's belief may be (including no belief at all), the concepts in the play are presented in a way that's acutely dramatic, passionately engaging, thought-provoking, and, well... kinda cool. And like “The Crying Game” years ago, I think there will be a buzz about what the “secret” is of this play that will have audiences flocking to the theater to find out about it.

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